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The Apple TV is also a bit pricey compared with similar devices. Loyalists to the Apple brand will greatly appreciate the ease and sleekness of this device.Price: - depending on the model Pros: Google Chromecast is small, cheap, easy to install, and comes fully loaded with Pandora, You Tube, ESPN, Rdio, Crackle, Netflix,, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, Google Play, Showtime and thousands more downloadable apps.Cons: No way to pair up Apple playlists, but there are so many other options for music apps (think Pandora, Spotify etc) that shouldn't be a problem for most people. Being able to verbally ask my TV to play me something is unreal. There are still other ways to get snuggly on the couch with a bowl of popcorn. Most public and university libraries also have a wide selection of DVDs, video games and Blu-ray movies available to rent at no charge. When it comes to choosing a movie streaming or rental service, we recommend that customers consider about how much they plan on using the service, and what devices you already own that can enable streaming on your TV (such as Nintendo Wii, Play Station 4, Blu-ray player, or Xbox One).As far as cost is concerned, the Google Chromecast or Roku is probably the best bargain if you don't already have a way to stream movies directly on your TV.For now, let's dive into the apps themselves: how much they cost, what kind of content they host, and which is right for you.Price: .99-.99 for a 2-day rental, and movies are also available to purchase.You might be wondering, "Which service is right for me?" Or more importantly, "Which service keeps the most cash in my pocket?

At some point, you have to ask yourself whether you just want to buy an old-school cable package Bonus: 1-week free trial! If you love your cable, but hate having to shell out hundreds every month to mega-corporations with poor customer service like AT&T, Comcast or Time Warner just to get the basics, Sling TV is a great alternative. These are mostly older options, but there are some top-quality films available, which make those "OMG I FORGOT ABOUT THIS MOVIE! Cons: No new releases, lots of annoying commercials, and a lot of random sludge to trudge through as you search for something watchable. For the record, there are LOTS of other streaming sites out there, most of which we didn't cover here.

For the purposes of this article, we've excluded gaming systems, built-in Smart TV systems and anything else that was built to serve a purpose other than video streaming.

The devices we've included here were specifically designed for video streaming. Pros: The Apple TV console streams Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, You Tube, live MLB games, and includes NBA scores and highlights.

Cons: There's no access to your i Tunes library or Amazon Instant Video, and you need to subscribe to a streaming service to make it worth it. Best suited for: The thrifty streamer who isn't an Apple loyalist. Pros: Roku devices stream Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video, and also features 2,000 streaming TV channels and 200,000 movies and TV episodes. If you already have a video rental/streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, but you don't have a way to stream videos on your TV yet, the Roku perfect for you.

It's also more than half the price of the Apple TV if you get one of the older generations. If you aren't ready to pull the trigger on a Blu-ray player, the Roku is certainly a device to consider. Pros: Supports 4K and features Alexa-enabled voice commands.

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