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She has chaired the boards of Decoma International Inc., Tesma International Inc., and Intier Automotive Inc., all in the auto parts sector.

She was a founding member of the Canadian Automotive Partnership Council and served on the Ontario Task Force on Productivity, Competitiveness and Economic Progress.

The National Post reported that Mac Kay was “gobsmacked” by her decision to join the Liberals.

In October 2006, there was further fallout from this relationship, when backbench MP Mark Holland said that a Liberal colleague, David Mc Guinty asked Mac Kay about the impact of pollution on humans and animals by asking, “What about your dog?

Holland lodged a complaint with the Commons Speaker and demanded an apology be made by Mac Kay.

In an interview with the press the following day, Stronach said that the comment is disrespectful not only to her, but to women and Canadians.

Belinda Caroline Stronach, PC, MP (born May 2, 1966 in Newmarket, Ontario) is a Canadian businessperson, philanthropist, politician, and a Liberal Member of Parliament (MP) in the Canadian House of Commons.

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In February 2001, she was appointed chief executive officer of Magna, succeeding her ex-husband Donald J.This event was a national campaign to enlist Canadians to help protect children in Africa from the ravages of malaria.Stronach is twice divorced; her first husband was current Magna CEO Donald J.She demanded an apology herself, which she would accept if given.Mac Kay has denied directly referring to Stronach as a “dog”.

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