Dating non muslim man

Son is 26, daughter is 24, both are financially stable and can support themselves.From the very beginning, we did our best to raise our children Islamically.

I grabbed her and started shaking her asking her what on earth she was thinking, to please tell me that it was a joke but she didn't. I thought about telling my husband again, but I don't want him to hit my daughter. She suggested to me to come meet the boy, and she eventually wore me down and got me to say yes.

He said she made that clear from the beginning and he had no problem with it.

Said he would go a lifetime without sex if he could spend that lifetime with her. I begged and pleaded and offered to take him to the Mosque so he can learn more but he says he has already done all of that, at the beginning of the relationship.

Okay this is going to be long and a lot of this may just be me venting but I really don't think I have anywhere else to turn and I will be forever grateful if someone on here can help me out of my situation!

I'm a married woman, have 2 children, one son and one daughter.

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