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Russia’s Market Cap/GDP Ratio has increased by 25.4% over the last six months, making it the world’s #1 best performer vs. Russia is sitting on huge FOREX reserves of 6.2 billion, enough to repay all of its public debt.Greece’s Market Cap/GDP Ratio declining 33.3% over the last six months, making it the world’s #1 worst performer. Greece’s FOREX reserves are down to only .3 billion. The 5 countries with the lowest current Market/Cap GDP Ratios are Greece: 24%, Russia: 40.5%, New Zealand: 42.6%, Mexico: 43.7%, and Brazil: 46.3%. Market Cap/GDP Ratio of 155.2% is 34.4% above its 1991-2015 median of 115.5%.Greece only has enough cash to cover three more months of its deficit spending – and has no chance of ever repaying its debt.

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Based on the 15-year median of 2.24 and America’s current Market Cap/GDP of 155.2%, look for Russia’s Market Cap/GDP to recover from its current level of 40.5% back up to 69.3% within the next 12-24 months.NIA has just significantly expanded its Market Cap/GDP Ratio analysis service by adding 8 new countries, which means it now allows you to analyze and compare the Market Cap/GDP Ratios of 22 different nations. Five nations currently have Market Cap/GDP Ratios that need to increase by less than 5% to reach new record highs: Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan, and Canada.NIA has also updated it so that Market Cap/GDP Ratios are now priced in each country’s national currency. The 22 nations that are now tracked by NIA, currently have an average Market Cap/GDP Ratio of 111.8%, which is up 81.8% from their February 2009 post-financial crisis low of 61.5%, but still down 13.2% from their October 2007 pre-financial crisis high of 128.8%. exchanges has just reached a new record high of .48 trillion vs. Four nations have current Market Cap/GDP Ratios that are less than half of their record highs: Greece -67.2% from record high, Russia -59.5% from record high, China -51.1% from record high, and Brazil -50% from record high.Receive NIA's Exclusive Daily Newsletter to Learn the Latest Economic Facts and Truth Not Covered by the Mainstream Media!NIA's President Gerard Adams was Named by Magic Johnson in 2016 as one of America's Top 32 Entrepreneurs Under 32!

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