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For the uninitiated, CAH works in a similar fashion to Apples to Apples.

Each round, one player (the judge, or “Card Czar”) slaps down a Black Card that poses a question or situation (“I drink to forget ____”).

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References to freaky scenes from Jurassic Park definitely deserve some playing cred.

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Match it up with a wild card for a “Pick 2” round for some leverage. The current leader of free word pairs well for cringe-worthy moments, like “What do white people like? From musicals, to cheerleading, to dance, they’re bound to give you giggles at first thought.

Finally, a game where “Not giving a shit about the Third World” wins you something.

### There’s no denying it – Cards Against Humanity is the game that truly brings out the worst in all of us.

Good eats, excessive use of the word “y’all,” and lingering bitterness from losing the Civil War – what isn’t this card good for? He’s wily, quotable, and intense – the perfect combination for a must-play White Card.

The beauty of this card is that even if it doesn’t necessarily make sense in response to a Black Card, you’ll win over Starcraft fans in a cinch.

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