How many sex slaves in cambodia

Margaret Stuart, the head of corporate affairs for Nestle Oceania, said her company was not alone in having sourced products that had been produced using slave labour."If you are sourcing fish from Thailand, then you have a problem," she said."There are problems endemic throughout that industry in terms of abuses of human rights, and we've been steadily working on that over the past couple of years to try and put some remedies in place."Modern slavery is a broad term, which involves a range of exploitative practices, including human trafficking, forced labour, wage exploitation, child labour and debt bondage.Nick Grono said most people were surprised that slavery still existed."A lot of people will think, 'Didn't we largely abolish slavery in the 1800s? So how can a multinational company really know what is happening at every stage of its supply chain?This evil communist dictator took control of the country from 1975 to 1979 and forced it back into a subsistence lifestyle.Multitudes died from disease, starvation and brutal execution – many of them in what are known as The Killing Fields and SR-21.The mining industry has some of the most complex supply chains in the world.Vanessa Zimmerman chairs the Human Rights Leadership Group for the Global Compact Network Australia — the world's biggest voluntary corporate social responsibility initiative — and she is also the group human rights advisor at Rio Tinto."There was an example that was reported a year or so ago, in one of the shipping charters we were using, so our team in marine took steps immediately to speak to the captain, to speak to the company that owned that ship, to actually board the ship and look at the conditions there and insist on improvements straight away," she said.But critics say the UK's Modern Slavery Act does not go far enough.

From the beginning of Nestle's investigation, it has released its findings publicly, as well as the actions it is taking to fix the problem.

The history of Cambodia is stained with trauma, turmoil and warfare.

In more recent times, civil war in the 1970s led to the deaths of over two million nationals, during the reign of the notorious Khmer Rouge and leader Pol Pot.

Nestle had launched an investigation a few months earlier after media reports alleged labourers in Thailand's fishing industry were being brutally treated.

The company's investigation found many of the workers were from Myanmar and Cambodia. These workers supply much of the seafood that Nestle and other companies sell to consumers.

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