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When other football players like Aaron Murray and NFL player Darnell Docket make comments about her, we can be entertained by the responses of AJ Mc Carron: Katherine Webb has even had Donald Trump and other people reach out to her on twitter.With college football season over, her rise to fame and relationship with AJ Mc Carron is the hottest topic in the media.

So when Lebron James followed her, it is visible to everybody.

By now you probably know these tidbits of information about her: The Power of Twitter Katherine Webb and AJ Mc Carron met on twitter in early December.

It was a month ago and at that time, Katherine had 380 twitter followers.

Many media commentators compared Musberger's remarks on Webb to Musberger's earlier remarks on the then-unknown Jenn Sterger at the 2005 Florida State–Miami game; Musberger had pointed out Sterger in the crowd and said "1,500 red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State", thereby launching Sterger to fame and eventually a career in journalism.

Webb told Matt Lauer that she was not offended by the remarks and did not feel an apology from ESPN was necessary.

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