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He did what he never thought he would do and he asked her to marry him. Julie and Jacob had talked about moving in together, but he was the one on the lease for the apartment he shared with his two roommates and there was still six months to go. It gave them a target date for step one - living together.

In about three months, they would start seriously looking for a place for them.

If you find yourself on that path, not by your choice, how do you cope? But that statement implied things were about to get better.

Each time he thought he had reached rock bottom it was only the edge of another cliff.

They were always let in, and even though they were not particularly big spenders, they were considered part of the 'beautiful people', which meant that they hung with the best looking women and the big spenders.

That meant lots of free drinks, lots of jealous looks from the other guys in the club, and the inside track to the best women. Julie was not only the most beautiful woman Jacob had ever met, she had class, style, and when he finally got her to bed, the ability to turn into an animal.

He had not been clubbing with them since he and Julie had become engaged. Friday was a great night, he danced, he drank, he flirted, he was the life of the party. He remembered being sprawled back on one of the lounges in the VIP section with the redhead (he never even got her name) on top of him locked in a deep passionate kiss. He was looking for the redhead, and he found her - or did she find him? Then she made a loop putting the running end back through the buckle and slipped the loop over Jacob's head creating a leash. So much blood had suddenly moved below his waist that he thought he might pass out. But as she pulled on the make shift leash and led him across the room he followed.

After his call with Julie he decided that he was going to go out with them this weekend. He had been out of action for two months, but it was "just like riding a bicycle" in no time he was back on top. It was a bit unseemly conduct for the club, but Jacob, caught up in the moment, was not thinking of that. She snuck up behind him and started to breathe on his neck. The redhead led Jacob down the hallway and into the women's restroom.

The redhead now moved his hands away from the top of his pants and unzipped his fly. His shorts followed his pants to the top of his shoes. She pulled on the belt leash around his neck and he found it difficult to breathe. You could see movement through the crack in the door, and the sounds from inside left little to the imagination.Before he could even reach his pants and pull them up, he had to figure out the knot and get the belt untied. He took out his phone with the thoughts of calling her - it would be morning there- then he saw there was a text blinking. Clearly, she knew and she was figuring out what to do. It contained the engagement ring he had given to Julie. By Tuesday the video trio had received over a million hits. He still tried to text and call her, but to no avail. He was getting a lot of friend requests, but they were mostly from people who had figured out that it was him in the video and who were more than a little weird themselves. After three weeks his boss called him in to "talk".Unfortunately she had not closed the stall door when she had left and several girls were now assembled there giggling, and - oh no - snapping pictures or video with their phones. He decided all he could do was wait until she was ready to talk to him - if that day ever came. Even though the conduct in the videos had occurred on his own time, Jacob's boss deemed it to undermine Jacob's ability to be a supervisor. He was fearful that he would not be allowed in any club, but the bouncer gave him the "I will be watching you" look and then accepted his cover charge.Jacob tried to hold up his hands in front of his face to block the pictures, but he needed his hands to untie the belt. How could he properly supervise people who had seen him in such a compromising situation? Jacob was not fired, but he had lost his promotion. Jacob had a few drinks and had actually been able to talk to a couple of people who didn't seem to know, or care, about the video. If there was ever anyone who wanted his 'fifteen minutes' to be over it was Jacob.Finally, he just gave up and worked on the knot for what seemed like minutes. Jacob had been hiding out at home, but then a weekend, now a full month after the redhead had devastated him, Jacob's roommates convinced him to go with them to a club. As Jacob was enjoying his third cocktail and talking to a nice and attractive blonde, a small redhead - not the one from before - approached him followed by two guys.

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