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You must understand you are infectious at this time and can transmit the virus to others.

Hepatitis B is transmitted through blood and infected body fluids.

I spent a number of years wondering about the details of my daughter’s infection, but ultimately, it really doesn’t matter.

But with a starter for ten plus three bonus questions each, how do you measure up against the cream of the university crop?

It’s really all about trace amounts of infected blood, though the virus is in other bodily fluids in lower concentrations.

For example, it’s not about the saliva on the toothbrush that is a big concern, but rather the potential for trace amounts of blood that could be exchanged with a shared toothbrush.

This isn’t a time for judging, it’s a reflection of what happened yesterday or 20 years ago that may have exposed you to HBV and resulted in infection.

That being said, unless it happened just recently and you can definitively identify your exposure, I would advise that you let it go and move forward.

Hugging or even kissing won’t cause infection unless there are bleeding gums or open sores during the exchange.

It was discovered on Earth in 1895 in the uranium mineral clevite.

Familiar on UK high streets from the 1930s onwards, what word derived from the Greek meaning ‘song’ and originally meant a hall in which poets and musicians contended for prizes in ancient Greece and Rome?

Its former patrons including Camus and Picasso, which café on Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris takes its name from the two carved wooden statues of Chinese commercial agents which form part of the interior?

From that of a marshal of France, what name was originally given to a confection made by browning almonds or other nuts in boiling sugar, but now usually refers to a smooth paste made from this, often used as a filling in chocolates?

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