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When he wasn't fighting or toughening his fists by soaking them in a bizarre concoction of rock salt, white oak, and verdigris-the green stuff that forms on copper - Mc Lean liked to play cricket and baseball.Displaying the toughness developed in the ring, he soon was officiating both sports. But in 1876, the owners of the new National League understood that to become a profitable business, the sport needed to project integrity and order. Typically that job was handled by unpaid volunteers the home team provided. "It was," the Inquirer noted, "a lively set-to." He briefly operated a bookmaking business that set odds and took bets at a horse track across the Delaware River in Gloucester City.A 2000 Pulitzer Prize finalist, he now focuses on sports projects for the Inquirer and Daily News and writes a Sunday column.

He obviously spends a lot of time in Australia with his cousins.

From the early X Factor days and Zayn leaving the band to their 2015 On The Road Again tour they've had some times we'll never forget The Slow Hands singer has fielded questions about the brunette beauty ever since, and Niall - whose cousins live in Australia - told 60 Minutes during an interview on Sunday that the pair share mutual friends.

Setting the record straight, he said: "No, I heard about this. "Her friends are friends with some of my friends that are living there." Olympia - whose sister is former Neighbours star and singer Holly Valance - recently revealed that she had even spending time with the pop superstar and they had been messaging each other, but fell short of confirming that they were an item.

It was hazardous duty and umpires often were assaulted by gamblers, fans, and players. He was a regular at baseball games, where sportswriters loved to interview him.

Occasionally, as in 1873, when Bob Ferguson broke a player's arm with a bat during an argument, one fought back. Philadelphia at North Philadelphia's Jefferson Grounds - the NL wanted a strong figure in charge. "So great was Mc Lean's judgment, temperament, and fair-mindedness," one baseball historian would write, "that National League officials agreed to his demands for the unheard of fee of per game." By the time he stopped in 1890, he'd umpired more games than anyone and was among Philadelphia's best-known sports figures. He competed in a few pedestrian - marathon-walking - events.

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