Online sex cameras recorded

He said: 'I figured it was a family member or something.

I think he assumed at that time of night I was too intoxicated to notice what was going on.'The retail worker added that the woman, who he said was 'clearly on drugs' tried to open the moving car's doors a few times before becoming sexual with the driver.

As we pulled off the female in the front (who was clearly on drugs) attempted to open the door and could not even sit straight as the vehicle was in motion.' Manuel continued: 'She then began to grope him and grab him. Since I've contacted Uber and they refunded me for trip and gave me a " credit".

Many claim the incident is disgusting and said it is another reason not to use Uber.

Others demanded for Uber to do something and for action to be taken against the driver in question.

Aner Manuel claims he was stuck in an Uber for two miles while an intoxicated prostitute groped and performed oral sex on the driver.

The horrified customer posted footage of the 'most dangerous and inappropriate ride ever' on social media after the incident in Chicago around 3am on July 17.

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