Quotes about your friend dating your ex

If this friend (who dated the person you want to pursue) is a “Facebook friend,” you can stop reading right now.There will be no love lost and I wish you luck in your pursuit. Is there a point when an ex is no longer referred to as “the ex” and therefore deemed acceptable for anyone to date?Do you pursue her or do you decide it’s not worth the risk of losing your friend?Some would argue that this decision comes down to whether you choose to listen to the devil on your right or the angel on your left. Justify her feelings, her intentions, even her initial attraction. I'm where you were when you met him." You understand why she got involved with this guy in the first place. I do think it's possible to maintain your friendship while you go out with the ex. If you like this HUB please click the “Thumbs-Up” below just before the comments. She may be 100% right, and you may be exactly where she is in a few months. I believe if two people are meant to end up together, they will ultimately find their way to or back to each other.

And as good as the friendship is, sometimes that ex is just too tasty to resist. Some people are highly possessive regarding their ex's. But in happier news, I had another friend who actually hooked me up with an ex of hers. I could start with all that sappy obvious stuff, like saying: The first thing you really need to ask yourself is, how important is this friendship? Yeah, it's gonna hurt her, and she will feel open and raw. But I can see how bothered you were by it."Do not compare. Do not compare how much better you would handle something with this guy than she did. Do not compare her past relationships with this one. One of the reasons you have a friend who's heard you admit you still kinda dig Matt Dillon over 3 Grey Goose Dirty Martini's, is honesty. Making her feel good about herself is NOT about idiotic flattery and fake empathy. "That must have been frustrating." If she says he wouldn't meet her family, just nod. All you need to do, is keep three goals in mind, for every sentence you speak: Do not get dragged into a tit for tat, this for that, he said she said - kind of conversation. "I know how close you are to your family." If you don't give her a reason to fight harder, she won't. That's what that whole Venus woman thing is about, right? Not only is it exhausting, repetitive and sometimes taxing, it can be frustrating.The more you date the more you begin to question whether you will ever find “the one.” That brings us to the question at hand: Is it acceptable to date the ex of a friend?

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